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Brake Caliper Painting

  • 2 hr
  • Starting from $200
  • Hillmount Road

Service Description

As the size of custom, wheels continues to grow, and with modern, sleek styling featuring fewer spokes or other wide-open designs, your vehicle’s brake parts are standing out like never before. Unfortunately, brake calipers and rotors are generally created for function and not form; to perform but not be seen. What do you do when your brake parts are showing? At Workshop&Co Automotive, we now provide you with the option to accentuate your style by painting your brake calipers. If you are looking for professional brake caliper painting in the Toronto area, call today or book online to make your appointment now! Painting your brake calipers has functional benefits in addition to upgrading your ride’s style. As caliper age, they accumulate difficult to remove brake dust and road dirt. Worse still, calipers can rust over time. During the painting process, our technicians will clean off existing grime, rust deposits, and uneven surfaces in the finish, ensuring your brake parts are in the best condition possible before painting. Furthermore, a fresh coat of paint will protect your calipers against future rust and makes it easier to clean, keeping them looking fresh and new, longer.

Contact Details

  • Workshop & Co. Automotive, 14th Avenue, Markham, ON, Canada

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