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Front and Back Brake Kits Installation

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Starting from $429
  • Hillmount Road

Service Description

We will provide the brake kits and vehicle's front and back installation service. For front and back kits and installation, $429 for domestic and import (Japanese/ Korean) cars (Sedan/Coupe Hatchback/Wagon), $529 for SUV and $629 for PICKUP. $529 for European cars (Sedan/Coupe Hatchback/Wagon), $629 for SUV. Whether the brake pads on your vehicle are made of metallic, organic, ceramic, or composite materials, they lose a minute amount of material each time they are used. Eventually, they wear thin, which means they can't generate the heat caused by friction as effectively, decreasing their ability to stop the vehicle quickly and potentially increasing the distances required to do so. Ultimately, they wear out completely, which can cause a host of issues. Similar with brake rotors, a brake rotor is attached to each wheel on the car. So when you mash on the brakes, the clamping force of the calipers (through the brake pads) creates friction that slows and stops the wheels, effectively converting the kinetic energy of your vehicle-in-motion into thermal energy intended to bring your vehicle to a safe stop. Excessive heat from sudden or aggressive stops, or from “riding the brakes”, can cause the rotors to warp and failure to replace the pads at the right time can cause the metal backing plates on the brake pads to contact the rotors and create grooves or gouges. As you may imagine, when a rotor becomes warped, gouged, or just plain worn thin, the effectiveness of the brake system diminishes, reducing the safety of the vehicle. And further damage can occur if the problem is not addressed on time. For this service, we will not only provide the best brake kits that suit your vehicle model, our experienced mechanic will ensure the brake pads and rotors are installed correctly on your vehicle to give you the most satisfying and safe driving experience.

Contact Details

  • Workshop & Co. Automotive, 14th Avenue, Markham, ON, Canada


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